Meet Marsha Carnahan, LMT

Creative Healing Practitioner

About Marsha:

Personal struggles including deaths, broken relationships and multiple health issues brought me to this healing path. As I received and became certified in Spiritual Direction, Dream Training, Theta Healing™, Licensed (Energy) Massage Therapy, the Grief Painter™ process, and Family Constellations, I found new life, light and wholeness. This integrative approach to my own healing included mind, body and spirit and was necessary for breakthrough. This experience prepared me to partner with others going through similar life experiences.

I am grateful for my support, teachers, practitioners, family and Creator God.  This healing journey has grown my faith, strengthened relationships with loved ones and given me physical, mental and spiritual health.

I find joy in painting my dreams, playing with grandchildren, playing the Native American flute, swimming, drumming, songwriting and spending time in Nature.

Loving Companionship

Empowering Spiritual Direction


Building Friendships and Community

Grief Painting Art Work


Sacred Mountain


Cosmic Egg