Marsha M. Carnahan, LMT

Creative Healing Practitioner

Spiritual Director

Certified Theta Healing™ Practitioner

 Certified Reiki Master

Jungian Dream Coach 

Grief Painter™

Licensed Massage Therapist

Family Constellations Facilitator


Welcome to Dream Tree Awakening!

In my partnership with clients, I bring together personalized elements of spiritual direction, dream work, and creative healing energy.

Start your creative journey and schedule a discovery session!

I would be honored to partner with you to determine the best way to fulfill your goals and help you awaken to a more authentic expression of your self.


Marsha is gifted in her intuitive method. 

It is wise, transformative, personal and effective.”



Healing for Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul 

Dear Spiritual Seeker of Wholeness,

I warmly invite you to partner with me to discover the spiritual source of healing power within your soul. It is my greatest joy to hold a safe and sacred space for the Creator to work divine miracles. 

Grounded in Spirit, I combine a variety of modalities in order to guide clients to find balance on all levels – body, mind and soul.  I compassionately meet my clients where they are, physically and emotionally.

Your authentic Self, grounded in health and aligned with Spirit, awaits you. I’ll meet you there.

Deeply Honoring your Soul’s Journey,


Professional Healing Modalities

Spiritual Direction

Are you seeking to find a voice for your soul and clarity for your life’s path?

I offer deep listening  in Sacred Companionship. This provides a mirror for you to uncover the wisdom of your own inner guidance.

Theta Healing™

Are you seeking greater balance, vitality and wholeness?

Activate deep levels of healing by aligning your whole self with the Spiritual Source within. Transform the old stories that hold you back from your truth.


Dream Work

Do you long to receive messages that the Divine Creator is lovingly whispering to your soul? 

Your dreams are offering you valuable wisdom. My clients cultivate deeper intuition. learning the poetic language of their soul.

Haden Institute

Licensed Massage Therapist


Did you know our mental & physical health depends on gentle touch?

In an atmosphere of comfort and safety, sacred touch offers clients healing on a deep cellular level. The body rests and rejuvenates.

Grief Painter™

Are you hurting from a deep loss in your life?

This expressive therapy process guides you through a painting journey so you can connect, honor and release your loss, and navigate a new story.

Grief Painter™


Would you like to super-charge your natural healing process?

Originated in Japan, this form of energy medicine gently and powerfully directs Life Force energy to ease stress and support the body.



Marsha  is a true treasure! She listens and holds space for me in a way that no practitioner has before. She also intuitively guides each session, and makes the client an active participant in the healing and restorative process. 

Gently leading with care and compassion, Marsha uses her wisdom to empower and help clients remember how loved and cared for they are by the Creator. With her guidance, I have experienced tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in my life.


Marsha has a beautiful way of holding a community of dreamers with sacredness and support where we feel safe to share and encouraged to discover the wisdom within us.

As a dream coach, Marsha has taught me to listen to my heart’s knowing, and to hear the wisdom and insight that God has shared with me in my dreams.


Marsha is a skillful guide and compassionate healer. I have personally benefited from her wise insights and creative practice and recommend her highly.